It was indeed a fabulous experience working with Hari! One of the best photographers to work with! Makes you feel comfortable which is very very important! And above all a wonderful human being!

Shruti Narayann Model, Actress Mumbai, India

It was great to work with you,Hari. He’s easy going and fun to work with. Thank you!

Saki Itoh Dancer Sydney, Australia

Hari is a very creative photographer with an eye for detail, he likes to make every shot count, I’ve learned great tips on how to achieve certain looks through poses and different expressions!
He is great at organising shoots, the team organised everything by the time we arrived at the shoot location. Modelling for him was a lot of fun, I felt comfortable and he was very professional!

Jasmine Bougher Model Melbourne, Australia

Hari is a very talented and remarkable photographer. He understands the requirements and thought behind the shoot. He is open to discussion, welcomes clients ideas and inputs. He knows his work. I highly recommend his work.

Digna Popat International Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Mumbai, India

Hari was so professional and fun to work with! He directed us models well, and had an awesome team of HMUA’s and anther photographer to work with. Very talented and highly recommend working with Hari! Would work with you again in a heart beat!

Jacqui Kouvelas Model Melbourne, Australia

Super he is

Priyanka Verma Model, Actress Mumbai, India

He is amazing!

Carla Wagenpfield Model, Actress Sydney, Australia

Hari is one of the most approachable and talented photographers I have worked with. He makes shooting so much fun and i was super comfortable. He also has a great eye in any given location.

Aafreen Vaz Model, Actress, Miss India Supranational 2015, Miss Supranational Asia and Oceania 2016 Mumbai, India

The best part was that you’re extremely patient, happy go lucky and the end result is awesome. Keep up the amazing work and also the person you are so chilled out. Stay the way you are.

Grishma Jhaveri Photographer Mumbai, India

Made the whole day very easy and very easy to work for too.

Skye Earle Model Melbourne, Australia

Hari is extremely talented and passionate which shows in his work. He wanted to keep shooting until we didn’t have any locations. No photographer does that. He was pushing for more and more and I loved that the most! I absolutely loved all my pictures and I got a great response from my friends too. I hope to work with him as much as I can in the future. His work is one of a kind.

Simrann Sabharwaal Model, Actress Mumbai, India

You are an awesome photographer and your photos depicts various stories! You are bound to reach great heights, Hari. It was a pleasure working with you

Srishti Mer Model

Absolutely love shooting with you. Looking forward to another shoot soon 🙂

Maanta Dewan Model, Actress Mumbai, India

Hari is a wonderful photographer; a very friendly and welcoming photographer who is very skilled in his work. His ability shows through in the quality of his photos.

Angela Duncan Model Melbourne, Australia

You are an awesome photographer. Your work is so cool. Shooting with you has always been a best part.

Luzaa Ranjitkar Model Sydney, Australia

Great photos, great listener and understanding to what clients are expecting and a very friendly natured person to work with.

Rashna Ali Model Melbourne, Australia

Hari was such a pleasure to work with. His open mindedness and positive feedback and attitude allowed me to push my own ideas further and ended up with some amazing shots. He helped with location ideas on the day and overall made it feel like an effortless photo shoot.

Bridget McAllister Ballet Dancer Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Its always an absolute pleasure working with a creative photographer like you. The images always come out great. Highly recommend your services to the clients who want to have memorable pictures for a lifetime and are seeking a professional service.

Preet Shroff Hair & Makeup Artist Melbourne, Australia

Hari is extremely professional and an amazing photographer to work with! His shots are top notch and he really knows how to work well with the models.

Anushka Kumar Model Canberra, Australia